“The response has been awesome.

eroFame is officially in the works! Planning for the event began in early June and it was announced that the convention is scheduled for November 3 to 5, 2021. How was the response to that news? And what will eroFame look like considering that coronavirus is still affecting our daily lives? These and more questions […]

“eroFame 2021 will take place – whatever the format

Due to the involuntary hiatus in 2020, it’s been a while since eroFame was at the forefront of conversation in the erotic industry. Now, more and more people wonder: Is there going to be a trade convention this year, and what will it look like? The answers to these questions will be dictated by the […]

“New Year’s greetings from eroFame

Dear visitors and exhibitors, dear eroFame community! On behalf of eroFame, our team, and the members of the advisory board, we wish you a happy New Year 2021! 2020 gave us all a big headache as corona turned our lives upside down, and the virus will continue to keep us busy for some time to […]

“We miss you!…

…dear business partners! We miss the personal exchanges, the face-to-face chats, and the entire ORION team is deeply saddened by the fact that there will be no eroFame to look forward to this October. The previous months have been everything but ordinary, and we do not know what the upcoming months may hold. But the […]